Finding a reliable acne treatment can be tough and most people would resort to prescribed acne treatments recommended specifically by their dermatologists. Using prescribed acne treatments are not only costly but also have a huge risk. To help you understand ziana, and other prescribed acne treatments, check out this article.

You must have read about ziana or have at least heard about it. But what exactly is ziana? Is it something that you can use to absolutely treat your acne? Ziana is a prescribed acne treatment that combines clindamycin, a potent antibiotic, with tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative that exfoliates your skin.

To understand how this state of the art treatments, such as ziana, clears acne, it is important to really understand how acne is formed. Acne is formed due to different factors. Oil is produced in your sebaceous glands to keep your skin smooth and supple. It also helps push dirt and other particles out from your skin. These oils are produced by your sebaceous glands. Factors such as insulin, hormones and stress can trigger your sebaceous glands to go overdrive. As dead skin cells cover your pores, it traps the oil inside with the acne bacteria. The acne bacteria then converts the trapped oil into food allowing them to multiply and cause an inflammation.

The tretinoin found in ziana cream, gently exfoliates your skin, thereby removing the dead skin cells. This allows the trapped oil to go through the surface. Clindamycin on the other hand helps your immune system to contain the acne bacteria and as a result, the signs and symptoms of acne are significantly reduced. Statistics show that combining tretinoin and clindamycin is very effective and you will be able to clear 80% of your acne, including blackheads and whiteheads in 12 weeks or less. This allows you to get your acne blemishes under control.

However, like other prescribed acne treatments, the costs of ziana cream can definitely break the bank. Acne is a cycle and you have to keep using your treatment until your hormones have normalized. Keeping up can be tough. To keep your acne condition under control, you might as well switch to a less expensive over the counter acne treatment such as exposed skin care or a natural acne treatment such as lemon and acne or egg whites. These treatments are not only cheaper and effective but can also help you repair damage skin cells and prevent acne from coming back.